Solo Hike to Rachel & Rampart Lakes

I really wanted to go on a hike to see some beautiful fall colors. I heard that Rachel Lake was a really pretty one. But, I was scared to go by myself. There was a girl around my age who went missing on a hike nearby this summer and they considered her an experienced hiker. So, certainly I could go missing too. It was a few weeks of wanting to go on this hike before I eventually got up the courage to do it. Up to this point the only solo hikes I’d done were on trails I’d been on several times before (Mount Si and Rattlesnake Ledge). It was peak fall colors and beautiful weather so I didn’t want to miss it. I downloaded a GPS (Gaia GPS) on my phone that works in Airplane Mode, so that was my last excuse! On Wednesday September 26th I went on my first solo hike over 8 miles. 

Boy was I glad I went for it! I was grinning the entire way up the trail. It was the first time I got out of my head and just enjoyed the hike. It was about 3 miles in before I ran into anyone. It was so peaceful and so beautiful! 

Rachel Lake was gorgeous! The fall colors were spectacular. Rampart Lakes is only another mile up the trail so I headed up that way after I ate lunch on the shore of Rachel Lake. The view of Rachel Lake on the way up to Rampart Lakes was beautiful. 

Beautiful Rachel Lake
The view of Rachel Lake from my lunch spot

Once I got up to where the trail flattens out and heads to Rampart Lakes, I truly felt like I was in a wonderland. There were small blue lakes and tons of red and orange foliage. I couldn’t stop taking photos and videos. 

The largest of the Rampart Lakes were the most clear I’d ever seen! I could look down at least 20 feet into the bright blue/green water. There were perfect rocks to jump off into the deep water. It’s definitely on my list for a backpacking trip next summer! 

I’m really glad I decided to go on this hike solo. It was a great experience and made me more confident in solo hiking in the future. Since then I have done several solo hikes soaking up this beautiful sunny weather while we have it!

Miles: 10

Elevation Gain: 2,500ft

Total Time: 6 hours

Average Pace: 36 minutes/mile

IMG_7946 2

What’s your favorite solo hike? Do you enjoy going solo? Let me know in the comments below!

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