The Enchantments – Video

This was my favorite backpacking trip in 2018! While Spider Gap/Buck Creek Pass Loop pushed me mentally and physically, The Enchantments was just a fun time exploring the beautiful scenery. And there were baby mountain goats 😍! I had a fun time putting this video together and reliving it. I hope you enjoy!

Mount St. Helens Summit

I can’t believe it’s already November! 2018 has flown by. I’ve been lucky to do some pretty amazing things this year… and one of those awesome things was my hike to the top of Mount St. Helens in May. It’s a rough hike straight up the mountain with a lot of snow travel, which was... Continue Reading →

Heather-Maple Pass Loop

I had never seen the larches turn golden and I wanted to change that. I researched a bunch of hikes that were good for larches. There are many of them including, Lake Ingalls and Cutthroat Pass which were my runners up. I decided on Heather-Maple Pass Loop because it was a bit shorter than the... Continue Reading →

A visit to Bellingham

Last Wednesday I headed up to Bellingham to soak in some fall colors on the trail and visit my Grandparents. Bellingham (specifically Fairhaven), is the cutest little town right on the bay and I couldn’t wait to spend a few days there.  My first stop was Winchester Mountain Fire Lookout in the Mount Baker Wilderness.... Continue Reading →

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